To the users of “Information Society Glossary”

Dear Users,

In front of you is the pilot version of the “e-Glossary of Information Society”. This is a project of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communications aiming at enhancing professional skills and media education in the digital environment. The e-edition presents in Bulgarian and in English the terms which we most frequently use in our everyday activities related to the wide application of the information technologies in all social spheres.

Only two decades have elapsed since 1994 when Bangemann raised the idea of global information society as “a revolution of human intelligence – new ways to live and work together” in European public space, to the decisions of WSIS in Geneva and Tunis and to the adoption of the EU “Digital Agenda” and the Internet Governance Strategy of the Council of Europe but it cannot be denied that we live in a completely transformed world full of unlimited opportunities and risks. Virtual reality captures the minds particularly of young generations who communicate, create and strive to make their dreams come true via the Internet.

The Internet is a public value which people of all ages and from all walks of life are increasingly relying on for their everyday activities, information access, knowledge and transactions. The net comprises a hub of electronic communications, business, education, culture and innovations. It is centre of dialogue between societies and traditions and for the free exercise of human rights.

It is an integrated world which generates higher demands both in human relationships and in professions rooted in learning as a long-term objective.

The environment we are immersed in calls not only for a new global outlook but for a new communication language, new philosophy and new notions as well as a new style of expression. Taking into account all these circumstances, our team created a data base of information society terms reflecting the technical and the social dimension of the changes around us. The conditions that brought about this project are extremely dynamic. Our glossary will also be dynamic and will develop as a living organism through time. It will be supplemented and upgraded accordingly.

We shall rely on you, the customers, for its advancement. More particularly, we shall count on your active involvement in the discussions, which we plan to hold in the near future, as well as on the constant interactive communication through which you can make proposals and send comments. We expect to cooperate both with experts in various fields and the public at large. Our expectation is that young people, who are the children of the information society, will raise many questions. We expect also the youngest among them to get acquainted with e-GISO (e-Glossary of Information Societya), which is our smart “toddler” colleague and talisman.

Let us wish good luck to this innovative initiative and an active intellectual exchange in the marvelous world of the information society to you all!

The “Information Society Glossary” team 

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