European Multi-Stakeholder Platform on ICT Standardization

432_List_of_decisions_and_action_points_of_MSP_16_June_.doc (70.5 KB)432_List_of_decisions_and_action_points_of_MSP_16_June_.doc (70.5 KB) 

The European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT standardisation was set up at the end of 2011. Based on a European Commission Decision to advise on matters related to the implementation of ICT standardisation policies, it deals with:

- potential future ICT standardisation needs in support of European legislation, policies and public procurement;

- technical specifications for public procurements, developed by global ICT standards-developing organisations;

- the Rolling Plan, which provides a multi-annual overview of the needs for preliminary or complementary ICT standardisation activities in support of the EU policy activities

The MSP is composed of representatives of national authorities from EU Member States & EFTA countries, by the European and international ICT standardisation bodies, and by stakeholder organisations that represent industry, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumers. It is co-chaired by the European Commission Directorates General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME and CONNECT. It meets four times per year.

of 25 October 2012
on European standardisation, amending Council Directives 89/686/EEC and 93/15/EEC and Directives 94/9/EC, 94/25/EC, 95/16/EC, 97/23/EC, 98/34/EC, 2004/22/EC, 2007/23/EC, 2009/23/EC and 2009/105/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and repealing Council Decision 87/95/EEC and Decision No 1673/2006/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council

First Meeting of 26 March 2012 (96.51 KB)

Rules of procedure (109.23 KB)

Flowchart – Identification process (231.85 KB)

of 28 November 2011
setting up the European multi-stakeholder platform on ICT standardisation

Identification process- ICT technical specifications (89.5 KB)

List of desisions 2013-2015 (1.07 MB)

9th MSP 2 Oct 14 List of decisions_actions (407.29 KB)

List of decisions and action points of MSP 25 February 2016  (68.5 KB)

List of decisions and action points of MSP 16 June 432_List_of_decisions_and_action_points_of_MSP_16_June_.doc (70.5 KB)

  • Concession of Sofia airport
  • e-services
  • Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013
  • Your Europe
  • ITU's 150th Anniversary
  • e-glossary
  • Development of Broadband in Republic of Bulgaria
  • Digital Agenda for Europe
  • Open Data
  • The Bulgarian Supercomputing Centre (BGSC)




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