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Result of the public consultation of the European Commission on the re-use of public sector information - Bulgaria

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 The revised Directive on re-use of public sector information is the focus of the consultation by the European Commission (EC) announced to assist Member States in implementing the Directive. The Commission will provide guidance for the re-use of documents based on the consultation results.

The Revision of the PSI Directive is one of the key actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe. The most important objective of the consultation is to clarify the level of awareness of stakeholders on recommended standard licenses, datasets and charging for re-use of public sector information.

More on this topic can be found on the MTITC site in the category IT/Politics: http://www.mtitc.government.bgpage.php?category=456&id=6720  

The Report on the outcomes of the consultation on the EC level which included data for Bulgaria as a country with the most active participants can be found on the MTITC site:




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