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Pan- European Open Data Portal


European Commission (EC) recently launched Open Data Portal Project (ODPP) covering a full set of activities with the ambition of deploying a pan-European data portal infrastructure including the provision of a series of added value services to accompany European countries. The overarching approach to supporting European Countries as they mature on their open data Journey is to offer a combination of common support material and training as well as targeted support for those that are still in the early stages of the journey.

A first step therefore consists in assessing where the countries stand on their journey to implement open data, increase the publication of data sets and support the re-use of the data made available. This activity is commonly called landscaping. This involves assessing where different European countries stand on their open data journey.

The questionnaire open_data_questionnaire_15 .doc. is one of the different tools used to collect information on open data activities within the various European countries. It is also an engagement tool to by which the Member States can measure the level and depth of the key success factors of the deployment of an open data policy.

More  information: Pan.doc.

In addition to the questionnaire, a brief methodology document Open_Data_Portal_Overview_Landscaping_Method__2_.pdf has been drafted to help you understand the overall approach structuring the landscaping exercise. It contextualizes the questionnaire and introduces other sources of information that will be used by the research team to realize the landscaping.

The Questionnaire should be completed until 20 May 2015 and sent to : and in order to be summarized and sent  to the EC.

Open Data Portal (

Consultation: Reni Antonova – Phone  + 359 2 949 2104 and Anelia Dimova – Phone +359 2 949 2250

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