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The citizen of Bulgarian origin and а citizen of the world - Carl Djerassi, is depicted on a postage stamp


The first Bulgarian postage stamp, dedicated to Carl Djerassi' s encyclopedic nature, was validated today. The validation stamp was put by Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Dimitar Genovski, Deputy Minister of Health Svetlana Yordanova and the son of the world-famous scientist Dale Djerassi.

"Since now his image will travel around the world as part of the letters between people and this is the greatest recognition for a citizen of the world who is of Bulgarian origin", stated during the ceremony Deputy Minister Genovski. He emphasized that Carl Djerassi belongs to two worlds – of science and art. As a scientist, he became a living legend in his early career. Dimitar Genovski also said that Carl Djerassi  is remembered with a variety of manifestations of his intellect – as a chemist, a writer, an artistic patron.

The postage stamp depicts Carl Djerassi's personality in an artistic way. The image is cretaed in the pop-art style of the 1970s. The artist Georgi Pavlov uses a game of colors to create a contrast between Carl Djerassi's bright personality and the seriousness of his scientific achievements.

According to Deputy Minister Genovski, the postage stamp for  Carl Djerassi will be a favorite exhibit in the collections of Bulgarian and world philatelists. There is only one other brand in the native publishing, dedicated to a world famous artist of Bulgarian origin who is Elias Canetti. The edition of Carl Djerassi is of 11,000 copies. The artist of the project is Georgi Pavlov.

The son of the world scientist, Dale Djerassi, said at the ceremony that his father, during his childhood in Bulgaria, has begun collecting postage stamps. He could have hardly imagined then that his own image would be a postage stamp, he added. The ceremony was attended by the Bulgarian theater-maker and caretaker Minister of Culture Rashko Mladenov, who has known Carl Djerassi personally.