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Connecting Europe Facility finances projects for €10.5 mln. in the "Telecommunications" sector


Over €10 million is the total budget of the four calls for proposals announced under Connecting Europe Facility, "Telecommunications" sector. The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications presented the opportunities for the participation of Bulgarian companies and organizations during an information day.

The calls are open since May 12, 2016, with a deadline for submission of proposals - September 15, 2016

€2 million will be allocated to activities related to the European e-Justice Portal. Through Connecting Europe Facility will be funded 75% of the costs for the implementation of the activities. Eligible applicants are public authorities, national associations of lawyers or notaries, etc.

The second call is entitled "Public open data". It has a budget of €3.5 million. Connecting Europe Facility will render financial assistance to 7 projects, the beneficiaries have to co-finance 50 % of the costs.

The third call "eDelivery of documents" has a budget of €0.5 million. Under Connecting Europe Facility will be covered 75 % of the costs. The aim of this competition is to provide easy cross-border access to public services; online completion and receipt of various permits, licenses or professional registration.

The fourth call "eIdentification & eSignature” has a budget of €4.5 mln. Under the facility will be covered 75 % of the costs. The aim is to support activities for the integration of eIdentification in existing electronic services and online platforms in a few selected sectors, providing opportunity for large cross-border transactions (banking, electronic payments, insurance, etc.) as well as to support the dissemination and the use of electronic signature in the administration.