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The first postal-philatelic edition on diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Canada is on the market in collector’s edition


The first postcard of the Bulgarian Postage Stamp Issuing, devoted to diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Canada, was put into circulation today. The validation stamp was put by Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hristo Angelichin and the Ambassador of Canada H.E. Joanne Lemay.

The artistic project brings together in one image the national symbols of the coats of arms of the two countries - the Bulgarian lion and the maple leaf, said at the ceremony Deputy Minister Valery Borissov. According to him, although the two countries are situated on different continents and are separated by thousands of miles, Bulgaria and Canada have much in common. "We are working in extremely good cooperation as members of two large organizations – the Universal Postal Union and the International Telecommunication Union. We have common positions, proposals and initiatives that have developed important strategic documents and decisions of the two unions", said the Deputy Minister.

Although in recent decades the way that people communicate has changed a lot, the letters and the cards remain the preferred way of expressing personal relations, said Valery Borissov. He added that over 1.2 million letters and parcels are exchanged annually between Bulgaria and Canada.

The postcard, that was validated today, is issued in a limited edition of 797 copies, which makes it attractive for philatelists.