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The first primate-astronaut decorates а postal-philatelic collection edition


The Fifty-fifth anniversary of the test flight of the first primate in space was marked by a postal-philatelic edition.

The artist Tahsin Ahmed has depicted the chimpanzee Ham also as a personification of the Year of the Monkey in the Chinese horoscope.

"Years after the first flight of a primate the world continues to be staring at space", said during the ceremony Deputy Minister Valery Borissov. In his words, Bulgaria is a part of the cosmic family with its two astronauts, a number of elaborations of devices for space research and the production of space food.

Today's edition is in two versions - a postage stamp block of the value of 2 levs and a circulation of 10 500 copies and a collection version – a postage stamp block with a nominal value of 0.65 levs and a circulation of 4 300 copies. They go with an envelope with the special stamp, which is published in 2 507 copies and a special postmark.