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"Information Services" AD presented its new platform of e-sale of wood


On April 7, 2016 were carried out the first two e-tenders of the platform of electronic sale of wood, elaborated by "Information Services" AD. The presentation of the platform took place in the Ministry of Agriculture and Food in front of journalists, at the presence of Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Valery Borissov, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Assoc. Prof. Georgi Kostov and the Director of the Southwest State Enterprise – Forestry Eng. Damyan Damyanov .

The two e-tenders for the sale of wood from storage were announced by the Southwest state enterprise (SWSE).

During the first tender none of the four registered participants took part in the bidding procedure. By 10% increased the price during the second electronic tender for wood of SWSE.

The introduction of the electronic platform facilitates both the process of registration of participants in e-tenders and the work of the committees of the tender procedures. The access to the platform requires only initial registration and a valid electronic signature. The electronic tenders of the platform are with open bidding and will be conducted in real time through a web browser. The participants can bid in the electronic tender anywhere and anytime in case they have a mobile or a stationary computer and a valid electronic signature. This broadens the range of the participants, saving them time and money and the documentation being entirely in electronic format.

The transparency in determining the rating of the participants is guaranteed, it is done by the system, which eliminates the possibility of subjective intervention. By the integrated service Information Services on authentication of time and content - Time Stamp is also ensured the authenticity of the documents and the proposals submitted by the participants in the platform.

For maximum convenience of the participants in the electronic tender, the platform offers automatic notifications via e-mail, for example, on the launch of new procedures before starting an electronic tender as well, this opportunity will be extended from "Information Services" AD by the introduction of notifications via SMS too.

By November 2016 e-tenders will be gradually introduced on the territory of other state enterprises that store cut wood, the access to the platform being carried out through the sites of the enterprises.

"Information services" AD is among the technological leaders in providing high-tech services in the IT sector in Bulgaria. The company specializes in the construction, development and maintenance of information systems of national importance, including the management of the information system of the local taxes and fees, the main systems of the National Revenue Agency, incl. public services of the agency, as well as the systems of the Ministry of Finance and the "Customs" Agency.