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Minister Rossen Jeliazkov: BDZ is a main pillar of the Bulgarian economy


At present, BDZ is one of the basic pillars of the Bulgarian economy. The anniversaries are not only historical facts but also legitimate expectations for their development. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov during the validation of a post-philatelic edition dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the company's establishment.

On this occasion, Minister Jeliazkov reminded that in 1888, a decree that established a new state company - Bulgarian Railways was signed. The first line served by the company’s trains is Vakarel - Belovo. The first international line - Tsaribrod-Sofia-Belovo was also opened later on.

The company’s anniversaries have traditionally been marked by issuing postage stamps. "The four stamps are formed in a sheet and the plot is related to the company’s history - from the narrow-gauge that has been dragged by horses, the locomotive of the legendary Orient Express to the modern coaches that are used today," said Minister Jeliazkov.

"This edition will take its own way for the joy of both the philatelists and the users of postal services. The philatelists and railroaders have a common love to the profession and the hobby," the minister added.

At the ceremony, the President of the Union of Bulgarian Philatelists Spas Panchev announced that the leadership of the organization has decided to accept Minister Rossen Jeliazkov as an honorary member of the Union. Minister Jeliazkov received an honorary badge for joining the prestigious organization of collectors and fans of post-philatelic products.