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Minister Rossen Jeliazkov presents Bulgaria’s position on Mobility Package I in Austria


Within the EU Informal Council of the Ministers of Transport, October 29-30, 2018, Minister Jeliazkov held talks with his counterparts from Austria, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia putting forward Bulgarian arguments on the controversial issues in Mobility Package I. He was firm in his disagreement with the disproportional, discriminatory and dividing rules for member states. Minister Jeliazkov sought support for the proposal removal the regulation for vehicle return highlighting Bulgaria’s peripheral location. During his talks with the Minsters of Spain and Portugal, Jeliazkov stated his support that the regulations proposed do not imply additional cabottage restrictions.

In his talks with the Austrian Minister of Transport, Norbert Hofer, Rossen Jeliazkov reminded a couple of times that with the driver returning home, social problems could not be solved. Yet, what is achieved is a market redistribution by imposing disproportional regulations to transport operators from peripheral states. The Bulgarian Minister stated that he expected the new compromise texts of the Austrian Presidency to obliterate the home-return requirement and to give the drivers right to decide where they would like to rest. Maintaining European operators’ competitiveness was discussed.

Minister Hofer took note of the Bulgarian position, yet, reminded that the main objective of the Austrian Presidency is to achieve common approach at the EU Transport Council, which is to take place in December, seeking compromise between all Member States.