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MTITC is hosting a meeting to prepare the United Kingdom - Estonia - Bulgaria Trio Presidency of the EU Council in 2017-2018


The preparation of the Trio Presidency of the EU Council in 2017-2018 is discussed at a two-day meeting in Sofia between representatives of the United Kingdom, Estonia and the Bulgarian administration. The meeting was attended by experts as well as by heads of departments and units in the the UK, Estonia and Bulgaria, which are directly responsible for the preparation of the forthcoming Presidency. The event is under the initiative of the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. Today the participants were welcomed by the Chief Secretary of the Ministry - Mr. Ivan Markov.

During the meeting were discussed the latest developments regarding the preparation of the tripartite presidency, were identified key areas of common interest, were presented proposals and possible solutions to some open questions, were presented coordination mechanisms on EU issues of the three Member States.

During the event as a main task was outlined the drawing up of the program of the Trio Presidency in the field of transport policy, information technology and communications. The program should be consistent with the overall programme and the political agenda of the EU.