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No findings for unlicensed pilots


There are no findings for unlicensed pilots in the Bulgarian aviation. This became clear during today's meeting between Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Anton Ginev, the Director General of Directorate General "Civil Aviation Administration" (CAA) Ivan Ivanov and representatives of the Bulgarian Airlines Association (ABA).

The President of ABA Svetoslav Stanulov said that the aviation industry is wondering how is it possible to be presented to the media unproven information on the appointment of unlicensed pilots in the Bulgarian airlines. In his words, the legal framework and the technology on planning and implementation of trade air transport operations of passengers and cargo exclude such a possibility. Svetoslav Stanulov said that at the moment they are not aware of air carriers and pilots without a license or with illegally issued ones. He urged anyone who has such information to forward it to the competent authorities that should make inspections and announce the results.

The representatives of the industry recalled that the terms and the requirements of licensing of airlines and pilots is stipulated in the European legislation, which is observed by the Bulgarian aviation business and the administration. The control over these procedures is a two-step control and is periodically carried out by CAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency, that is why it is unacceptable to undermine without evidence the image and the credibility of the Bulgarian airlines and pilots.

Experts recalled that the pilots pass a training twice a year to maintain the preparation and verify the pilot skills. All this leads to the conclusion that it is practically impossible to be admitted into the system unskilled and unprepared pilots.

During the meeting was agreed to be set up an Advisory Board in the aviation field to assist the work of CAA. In the Advisory Board will be engaged experts from the aviation business, as well as experts from the administration. The main functions of the council will be connected with assistance to the activities of CAA, participation in the elaboration of legislative amendments and assistance in tackling of current issues in the field of civil aviation.