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Over 314 acts drew up inspectors from EA "Road Transport Administration" for a week


Over 314 acts drew up inspectors from EA "Road Transport Administration"  for a week within a joint operation with the Ministry of Interior to control buses and heavy vehicles. During the operation were temporarily stopped from movement 18 vehicles until the elimination of the ascertained flaws. 1545 vehicles have been checked, of which 1302 heavy vehicles and 243 buses.

Inspectors of Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration" have found out that drivers make most commonly violations regarding the use of the tachographs and the non-observance with the time for driving and rest, which is related to road safety. Drivers have had flaws regarding the regularity of the documents that are needed for the transportation of passengers and cargo.

The operation is part of the approved plan of the Operation Working Group of the European Traffic Police Network - TISPOL. During these inspections participate traditionally inspectors from the Executive Agency "Road Transport Administration", who perform control within their competence.