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Postage stamp is dedicated to one of the founders of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee - Gen. Vladimir Stoychev


The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications and the Bulgarian Posts celebrated the 125-anniversary from the birth of General Vladimir Stoychev. The Executive Director of the Bulgarian Posts Deyan Duneshki and the Deputy Chair of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee Yordanka Blagoeva placed the stamp for validation of the issue.

“The postage stamp, which we launch for usage today is a possibility in particular for the young people to learn more about one of the notable personalities in the Olympic sport and Bulgarian history”, said Deyan Duneshki during the ceremony. Under his words, General Stoychev is remembered with the variety of expressions of his intellect and skills – a sportsman, a general, a political leader and a diplomat. “This diverse life is recreated on a miniature space by the artist associated professor Ilya Gruev”, added the Director of Bulgarian Posts.

The drafts of the postal-philatelic edition depict the most famous portrait of the General. The Olympic theme is emphasized by the logo of the Olympic Committee. The circulation of the postage stamp in block is 10 100 pcs., and the price of the edition is 2 BGN.

Sports figures, war veterans and philatelists participated in the validation of the stamp.