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Rossen Jeliazkov: We have defined the main issues and possible solutions in collaboration with the bus carriers


We have agreed to work in collaboration with the bus carriers on the development of a detailed plan in order to bring the urgent issues in the sector to a close. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Rossen Jeliazkov after today's meeting with the carriers. In his words next week, the industry and the responsible institutions will begin to outline the concrete measures.

We have dealt with key issues and discussed possible solutions related to the fight against unauthorized bus services, regulatory changes, creating a fairer model for distribution of the subsidies and compensation for the bus carriers as well as a review of the Republican transport scheme, said Rossen Jeliazkov.

One of the most serious problems faced by the industry is the unregulated passenger transport, which is dangerous to people's lives and health, creates unfair competition and directly damages both the business and the state, Minister Jelyazkov said. Joint activities between the Road Transport Agency, Border Police and the National Revenue Agency were discussed. An analysis of the risky transportations by cars across the border will be carried out in order to be identified those who frequently travel internationally with different passengers. The three institutions, with the assistance of other authorities, will set up a permanent monitoring and control system to stop the illegal services. People who carry out these services will be thoroughly checked for the origin of their income.

Minister Vladislav Goranov announced that he would make a proposal for implementing of a mandatory VAT registration for all bus companies. In his words, this will lead to improving of the gray sector among the industry, which is also a serious problem.