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Seven times more Bulgarian ICT projects are recognized as good practices by the International Telecommunication Union


Twenty Bulgarian ICT projects are included as good practices in the publication of the International Telecommunication Union for 2015 WSIS Stocktaking Report 2015. This is seven times more than last year, when the selection approved only three projects. Every year the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications (MTITC) supports the promotion of the initiative, as well as the participation of Bulgarian projects in the selection. Under the cooperation between MTITC and the International Telecommunication Union, in 2012, 2014 and 2015 were implemented several projects for accessibility to information and communication technologies for people with disabilities and children with visual impairment.

The largest agency to the United Nations once again appreciates the contribution of Bulgarian initiatives, strategies and projects for the development of information society. The selected projects are considered good practices and are being promoted in all member states of the union.

The Annual Report for 2015 includes projects for development of electronic services, as well as registers and systems that improve electronic services to citizens and businesses. As a result of the active involvement of MTITC, the prestigious document includes initiatives and projects of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, as well as scientific organizations.

The areas of information society, recognizing the Bulgarian good practices are in categories "Access to information and knowledge"; "Building confidence in the secure use of information and communication technologies", "Regional and international cooperation"; "Cultural diversity and identity."