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Mandatory reporting of aviation occurrence

Mandatory reporting of aviation occurrence

For the mandatory reporting of aviation occurrence related to the civil aviation safety civil, two alternative means are eligible:

1. Use of the interface on the Aviation Safety Reporting website (active 7/24/365):,

On the site are submitted and activated for use online and offline forms for the reporting of aviation events with interactive description of each of the fields to fill out. The forms are approved for use by the European Commission and after filling are automatically sent to the AAIU on the e-mail address, as copies of the report are being sent to the rapporteur in formats for documentation and further processing of the data;  

2. Completion and sending of the "Aviation Occurrence Reporting Form" to the AAIU on e-mail address:

For the purpose of qualitative data processing of the data in the National Database for aviation events and in view of the provided means for further elaboration of the reports it is recommended to use the Aviation Safety Reporting Web site.

The events involving potentially dangerous or particularly dangerous circumstances, must be reported immediately to the Aircraft Accidents Investigation Unit.

Mobile phone for 24-hours occurrence reporting: +359 889 601 266

Phone: +359886777998

Aviation Occurrence Reporting Form