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Project of the Rousse Regional Library is a winner and champion by most online votes in a competition of the International Telecommunication Union


The project of Rousse Regional Library "Lyuben Karavelov" was declared by the International Telecommunication Union a champion by number of online votes in its favor. The project is among the winners in category "Building capacity" of the prestigious awards of Information Society WSIS 2016. The Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications thanked all Internet users who responded to the call for online support of the Bulgarian participant in the race, published in February 2016.

The Bulgarian project is focused on the improvement of knowledge of children in the field of finance. The goal is to turn the library into a modern, accessible and innovative environment for children and young people, where they will acquire basic financial knowledge. Young people from Rousse will be taught how to use their mobile devices for managing personal finances, investments and philanthropy. The library is equipped with interactive hall and there is a number of training programs to use financial mobile applications and presentation of key financial terms.

The "Fun financial knowledge for the children and the young" will be included in a special issue of the International Telecommunication Union for 2016.