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The Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Dimitar Genovski, validated a souvenir sheet on the 80th anniversary of Pleven Philatelic Society. The organization is among the first philatelic companies in Bulgaria and the town of Pleven itself is a metaphorical capital of Bulgarian philately as it hosted major forums such as World Youth Philatelic Exhibition and the Balkan Championship.

The sheet is designed by the Director of Pleven Philatelic Society, Nikolai Mladenov, and depicts the town at the time of the organization’s establishment.



Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Anguel Popov together with the M.P. from the respective select committee, Stanislav Ivanov, the Executive Director of Executive Agency “Automobile Administration”, Boyko Ranovski and experts from the Agency hold a meeting with the representatives of the technical services on verification of the vehicles’ reliability.


Institutions involved in maritime surveillance of the Black Sea need to develop a unified data exchange environment, which can be achieved by involving the country in a common European information sharing environment. This was discussed at today's meeting in Varna to report progress on the project "Integrated Bulgarian Maritime Surveillance (InBulMarS)".


Preparations for draining the oil from the Mopang ship began today. A diving vessel is already located over the underwater site and experts are to make accurate measurements of the 1921 sailing vessel. The purpose of these activities is to establish the exact location of the Mopang ship and to pinpoint anchor spots for the diving vessel and additional vessels needed in the forthcoming diving operations.


Today, at 17:45, a two-seat plane departed from Lesnovo Airport flying in uncontrolled airspace at a height of 3100 meters, then crossed the airspace of Varna Airport before landing at 18.54 at Balchik Airport. The pilot confirmed that he had contacted Balchik Airport and was about to land. Upon landing, the plane hit the runaway, overturned and set itself on fire with the pilot dying on the spot. A team of the Air Accident Investigation Unit to the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications will investigate the accidnet.


Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” compiled 11 acts of three driving schools in Plovdiv. After a preliminary analysis of the training centers in the city of Plovdiv in three motorcycles there were found great differences between the declared revenues and the actually trained candidates. In the course of the inspection with the National Revenue Agency, the Economic Police at the National Police Directorate and the Regional Police Directorate - Plovdiv, the inspectors of the EA |Automobile Administration” found numerous administrative violations.


Diving teams from Hydroremont Varna and Deep Dive Systems Ltd. Sofia examine the sunken ship near Sozopol, which has been polluting the bay with oil for several days. Divers from Sozopol volunteered in the operation. The collected data will be used to draw up a technical proposal to drain the fuel. The various possibilities are to be proposed and discussed within a few days.

Meanwhile, EA “Maritime Administration” provided a cutter and tugboat that are in the vicinity of the containment area and are relocated depending on the change in the wind and currents direction.

Министър Ивайло Московски инспектира района на разлива на мазут около Созопол

The minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Ivaylo Moskovski, inspected the area of the oil spill near the town of Sozopol. The team onboard of EA Maritime Administration’s cutter monitored the measures to contain the oil spill and discussed further measures.


The oil spill in the region of Sozopol is under control, there is no danger neither for environment, nor for the tourists, stated the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Ivaylo Moskovski, and the Minister of Environment and Waters, Nino Dimov, at a briefing following a meeting of Burgas Regional Administration Operational Team.


Three key railway stations will be modernized with funds under Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020 Operational Program (OPTTI). The project for reconstruction of the stations Poduyane, Iskar and Kazitchene was approved at the total amount of 7.4 million leva, 6.6 million of them being grants.

The waiting areas and adjacent platforms will be refurbished, the construction state of buildings will be improved, energy efficiency systems, as well as modern information and announcement equipment, will be deployed, and green areas will be rehabilitated.


The inspectors of the Executive Agency “Automobile Administration” suspended the registrations of 31 vehicles for unregulated transportation of passengers for fee in the region of Varna and Burgas.

The campaign is carried out jointly with the authorities of the Ministry of Interior and the National Revenue Agency. The teams inspect companies that organize tours with off-road vehicles.   


A total of 19 bids were submitted for the three Lots under the project for modernization of the railway line between the towns of Kostenets and Elin Pelin. The large number of offers is yet another proof that the procedure is as transparent and competition-based as can be, said the Deputy Minister of Transport, information Technology and Communications, Velik Zantchev, at the bids opening today at NRIC headquarters.


Dredging activities to deepen the River Danube in the region of the islands of Vardim and Belene have ended. This is the most critical region for navigation in the Bulgarian section of the river. As a result of the dredging, which took 42 days, the depth of the navigable route was increased by over 100 cm. Following these activities, measurements showed the fairway is more than 3 meters in depth and 150 meters in width, ensuring seamless navigability.

Заместник-министър Димитър Геновски и министър Красимир Каракачанов валидираха  марка

The Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Dimitar Genovski, and the Defense Minister, Krassimir Karakachanov, validated a post stamp on the occasion of 140 years of the establishment of Bulgarian Armed Forces. The philatelic product is the most appropriate way for expressing gratitude for the high morale and patriotism of the thousands of Bulgarians serving in the army, Deputy Minister Genovski said during the ceremony. In his words, our country has always prided in institutions such as the Bulgarian Armed Froces.


Information Services Jsc ended the first half of 2018 with revenues of BGN 9.8 million and profitability of 7%. The increase over the targets set in the business plan for 2018 is over 2 times for profit and 2% for revenue.

The company accounted for 6% higher labor efficiency (monthly work per employee) compared to the planned for the period.


We have carried out thorough studies of the way other European countries manage their airport infrastructure, both within and outside the EU. The results show that the share of private management of airports rose by 80% as at 2016, and adding data from 2017 and 2018 the figures will be even larger. This was stated by the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Ivaylo Moskovski, at the hearing in the Transport and ICT Commission to the National Assembly following BSP’s claim for suspension of Sofia Airport concession.


By the end of 2018 new methodology will be developed for testing psychological fitness of public transport drivers as well as those drivers with suspended license. This emerged from “Human factor in road safety” press conference, held today in Sofia. The event was organized by the Institute for Population and Human Studies to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences within the project “Enhancement of road safety by developing new methodologies to study psychological fitness of drivers”.


It is of particular importance for Bulgaria to take advantage of the added value of the projects resulting of cooperation within the 16+1 Initiative, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Velik Zanchev said during a meeting with the president of the Chinese Railway Group Limited (CREC) Zongyan Zhang. The Chinese company is in Bulgaria to take part in a business forum, part of the Seventh Meeting of the Heads of Government of Central and Eastern European countries and China.


Today, July 5, 2018, the notice of the concession award procedure of Sofia Airport is published in the Official Journal of the European Union. The notice number is 2018/S 127-290417.

Following the publication of the notice, the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications has the right and obligation to provide full and free access to the concession documentation, as set out below. The aim is to ensure equal and simultaneous access to the concession terms of all potential investors.


In times of technological and social "phenomena," with a growing confidence of being able to travel around the world within hours, the philately remains alive, dynamic and immense, because the pursuit of beauty and the passion for knowledge are set somewhere deep in mankind, Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications Dimitar Genovski said at the opening of a philatelic exhibition dedicated to Bulgaria.


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