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Final Reports

On October 12, 2017, electric locomotive № 44134.2 served fast train № 8693 in the composition of 4 wagons, 186 tons, on the route Sofia - Plovdiv - Burgas following the Schedule for the Movement of Trains. After its departure from Sofia station at 13:15, an indication of short-circuit to ground (mass) occurrence was activated in the locomotive. The locomotive brigade removed the visualization of the damage several times and signalled of the problem the Master at the Plovdiv depot.

While moving from Plovdiv to Dimitrovgrad station, several indications of the same damage occurred in the locomotive.

FINAL REPORT from investigation of railway accident – fire outburst in electric locomotive Nr. 44134.2, having serviced fast train Nr. 8693 at Dimitrovgrad station on 12.10.2017
Derailment in Hitrino station on 10.12.2016

At 05:37 АМ on 10.12.2016 freight train no. 90570 of Bulmarket Rail Cargo Ltd. with 26 wagons-tanks (20 loaded with propylene, 3 with propane-butane and 3 empty), locomotive 87025 and supporting locomotive 86003 in front, with a total mass of 1756 tonnes, derailed with 12 of the wagons (from 6-the to the 17-th) while entering track no 3 at switch no 5 in Hitrino station where it was to meet with passenger train no 90201.

FINAL REPORT from technical investigation of railway accident – derailing of freight train Nr. 90570 on point Nr. 5 upon entrance in Hitrino station on 10.12.2016
Defected press joint of the wheel of wagon no 84537915420-4

On 09/02/2017, a tank-wagon loaded with propane-butane (LPG) of the freight train № 30582 in composition of 24 wagons (1532 tons) serviced by two electrical locomotives of Bulgarian Railway Company AD, derailed with the first bogie on railway line no 3 between Dalgopol and Komunari stations.

Technical investigation of railway accident – derailing of wagon-cistern from the composition of freight train Nr. 30582 in the section between Dalgopol & Komunari stations on road Nr. 2 on 09 February 2017
At approximately 06:20 AM on 03.09.2016, freight train No 50501 composed by 18 full with coal wagons and electric locomotive no 46033.7 with a gross mass of 1340 tonnes, departed from Voluyak station towards the Goljamo selo station. During the train movement, the twelfth wagon derailed at km 14+055. Since the towing locomotive was very powerful, the crew did not feel the sense of the derailed wagon. Upon entering of the train in the right track curve at km 23 755 and due to a fall in the pressure in the train main air pipe, the locomotive driver undertook quick stopping. In result of the inspection done afterwards, it was found that after the twelfth wagon derailed and inclined were the following five wagons,
Derailment of Freight Train No 50501 in Voluyak – Hrabarsko Interstation Section on 03.09.2016.
At 12:24 PM on 28.08.2016 freight train (FT) No 50505 of BDZ Cargo departed from Stanyantsi shunting district in direction Stanyantsi – Voluyak – Dupnitsa. While passing transit through Petarch station and after exit switch no 2 , seven cars (from 4-th to 10-th) from the composition of the train derailed. The train was composed of 12 wagons loaded with coal, serviced by the leading locomotive No 43-551 and pushing locomotive No 45-166, and with a total mass of 924 tonnes.
Derailment of freight train No 50505 during transit passing through Petarch station on 28.08.2016

Highball 4681 composed of locomotive 44-141 and 3 carriages with a total mass of 123 tons, engaged Mihailovo – Svoboda railway section from 12:05 to 12:55 hours LT, due to a fire occured in the locomotive engine while running.

Final Report from Technical investigation of railway accident– fire occurred during movement in electrical locomotive No 44141.0, which serviced fast train No 4681 in Mihaylovo – Svoboda interstation on 08.07.2016

While moving in Burgas – Karnobat direction on 14.09.2016, PT No 80290 (composed of EL No 44096 and two passenger wagons) got fire in its electrical locomotive in the Chernograd – Karnobat rail intersection. Immediately after smelling a smoke of the fire at approx. 15:00 LT, the locomotive crew stopped the train, called emergency and started fighting the fire with the fire extinguishers available.

Final Report from Technical investigation of railway accident – fire occurrence during movement in electrical locomotive No 44096.6, which serviced fast train No 80290 in Chernograd - Karnobat interstation on 14.09.2016

At approx. 12:16 PM local time on 16.06.2016, while controlling the transit pass of fast train No 3622 through Dunavtsi station in Burgas – Sofia direction, the Traffic Manager on duty observed a smoke coming out from beneath the locomotive.

Final Report from Technical investigation of railway accident – fire occurred during movement of electrical locomotive No 44085.9, which serviced fast train No 3622 in Sahrane railway station on 16.06.2016

At approx. 11:07 PM on 13.04.2016 and while hauling regional train 8626 between the stations Aytos and Chernograd in Burgas – Sofia direction, electrical locomotive 44081.8 got fire in its engine compartment. The crew stopped the train, called the emergency and started fighting the fire. The fire was extinguished after 3,5 hrs. by the fire brigade.

Outburst of fire in electric locomotive No 44081.8 while servicing fast train No 8626 at a time of movement between Aytos - Chernograd stations on railroad No 2 on April 13th, 2016

Freight train № 50601 of 'BDZ - Freight Services' Ltd., loaded with cement, derailed shortly after midnight on 23.01.2016 while entering on fourth track in 'Dupnitsa' station. Nine loaded with cement wagons derailed. Severe damages were caused to the rolling stock and to the rail infrastructure, including overhead lines and signalling.

Derailment of nine wagons of freight train no 50601 while entering Dupnitsa station at switch no 10 on 23.01.2016.

Around 9:00 a. m. on 13.10.2015, the locomotive crew of fast train No. 1621 noticed a smoke in the engine compartment of the locomotive while moving along track No. 1 from Sofia to Plovdiv in the section between Elin Pelin and Vakarel stations. The crew members took immediate action to put down the smoke and managed to extinguish the raising fire with the locomotive fire extinguishing installation and the portable fire-extinguishers available.

At around 9:47 p. m. on 09.08.2015 while implementing a shunt for attaching to the composition of the International fast train No. 493 traveling in Sofia-Plovdiv-Istanbul direction, the diesel locomotive No. 07-032 collided with the only wagon of the train at a speed of approximately 18 km per hour on the fifth track of Plovdiv station. The wagon was moved 7 meters as result of the collision.

In result of the collision, one passenger was seriously injured and another eight received light traumas.

While entering Stryama station, the train No 30111, which was moving along Sofia - Karlovo direction composed of an electrical locomotive and two passenger cars, derailed with all the bogies of the locomotive and the first car and with the first bogie of the second car at the rail switch No 2 of the station at 09:08 hrs. on 01.02.2015.

The accident did not result in any casualties or wounded persons. Damages were caused to the RS and the infrastructure.

 At 07:05 AM on 23.12.2014, the freight train No 30561 derailed in Zimnitsa station just after starting its movement towards Burgas station. Both the electric locomotives with no. 92034 and no. 92027 of DB Schenker property that serviced the train composition derailed with all of their bogies on rail track No. 4 at switch No. 11 of the station.

No casualties occurred in result of the accident, but damages were caused to both the locomotives and to the infrastructure.

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